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Would like to express our sincerest gratitude in response to your consideration of our local excavation company in Ohio, PG Excavating LLC. As a company, we've embraced the standard that a majority of our success as a leading excavating contractor is directly dependant on the satisfaction of our respective clientele. Which is why we've endeavored studiously over the years to not only sharpen our arsenal of property/land services but to do so effectively & efficiently. If interested in scheduling a particular excavation, septic, or land service, please fill out our contact form with as much detail as possible to ensure a rapid response.

How We Can Help

For complete convenience, we've listed out a brief overview of the land, property, septic, & excavation services we offer here in Ohio.


  • demolition
  • land clearing
  • deconstruction
  • basement sealing
  • driveway installations

Septic Systems

  • repairs
  • upgrades
  • replacements
  • maintenance
  • installations


  • trenching
  • boring
  • leveling
  • grading
  • drilling
  • dredging
  • compacting
  • (re)sloping
  • backfill
  • digging


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